Gaming is a very effective activity to improve one’s unhealthy brain. The brain can get affected by the gaming in just playing it for an hour. According to the research, gaming can improve the brain disorder like as stress and depression. Video games make us feel happy and excited which helps us to relax and feel calm. It can heal our disorder by making us feel better and happy.

More to know

Gaming can develop our brain faster than before as it boosts up our brain activity. In research, 29 males were selected for the study, and they have found a very interesting thing. The one group chose which was playing the action games from last 2 years was ranked at the 7 rank, and another team was rated at 11 positions which were performing the action games from the previous 6 months.

Video games boost brain activity

It is studied that video games help the people to get entertained and feel relaxed. In this busy world, people are in tension. Teenagers are having the tension between their studies and career and elders are having tensions of their responsibility. It is said in the research also that even non-expert’s working also gets increased after playing the video games. It takes the brain activity to its highest level.

Video games boost the brain activity. We usually listen to this, a healthy and happy person always achieve better than an unhealthy person.

What is a healthy person?

A healthy person is a happy and relaxed person. The healthy person does not mean a fit person without any disease. A fit person is healthy with the physical as well as mental fitness also. Your mental stability must be proper, and you should be mentally fit, and it will make you a healthy and a fit person.

Spend time on gaming

Gaming can heal your mental ability. You should play games, but excess playing can distract you also from other activities. For keeping calm and you will feel relax you should play games for an hour daily. The virtual world in the games attracts our mind towards it and makes us feel happy. The virtual world in the video games is very much attractive as it grabs the person mind. So you should always play vedio games but in limited time.

Demerits of excess playing

Gaming is made up by creating a virtual world, as it helps to heal an individual mind but when you play video games a lot, and then it will distract you from the real world. Kids get distracted from their studies and play video games all the day. Games can heal as well as can block their mind too. A little time can heal you, but the excess of playing will block your mind. The growth of your mind will get the stop, and it will not develop well.


In short, this article is explaining that you should play video games which will surely help you to feel entertained and relax. On the other hand, don’t play it excess it can harm you too.